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  • About Us

    Kirandeep Registered Society a Delhi (India) based N.G.O. is working for society welfare since 2001. In the past 8 years of our organization has served the society in its own unique way with the help of highly motivated organization members like Mrs. Beena Jaiswal (General Sec.) and thousand of self motivated volunteers. Last our society got all India operating permission from Govt. and right now we are operation in 4 cities across country. NGOs around the world all face unique challenges in attracting and maintaining resources for their programs. Though development funding is a multi-billion dollar pie many barriers prevent NGOs from successfully vying for these funds. First, announcements of funding competitions are fragmented all over the web and difficult to identify. Second, competition is strong and the application process arduous. How can NGOs spend less time fundraising and more time running programs? This was the founding concept for help reduce these barriers for NGOs and practitioners at all levels, and of all sizes and sophistication. Providing users with free alerts on funding availability was an important first step. Starting out only a few years back with a trickle of users, the website is now generating millions of page views. NGOs around the world all face leads the operations in India. kirandeep is an accomplished writer and social researcher with extensive experience in the field of sustainable development. Having worked in India and Nepal with various grassroots-oriented community organizations drives his desire to work for sustainable civil society development. In starting kirandeep has digitally empowered thousands of NGOs at all levels in over 150 countries.